The Final Chapter of Dage's Journal


Hero: I.. I saw Dage.

Vost (Chronicler): He was waiting for you in the Soul Chamber.

Hero: You don't sound surprised, Vost.

Vost (Chronicler): Let me translate the final chapter of the journal.

Vost (Chronicler): "Now, Dage the Evil sits on his throne of skulls, collecting the mightiest souls he can find to empower him and serve in his Undead Legion."
Vost (Chronicler): "Souls that he will one day use to wage a full scale war on the Archfiend and his forces."
Vost (Chronicler): "Souls seasoned by experience and combat."

Vost (Chronicler): Souls like yours, hero…
Vost (Chronicler): … And souls like mine.
Vost (Chronicler): Well done, <Hero>.

Hero: !!!!!!!
Hero: this whole thing was a set up from the moment I walked i, wasn't it? It was some kind of test.

Vost (Chronicler): You have passed our trial and my master, Dage, has found your soul worthy of joining his Undead Legion.
Vost (Chronicler): He will come for you, one day…
Vost (Chronicler): …Soon.

Hero: No. I'm ready now.

Vost (Chronicler): <Hero>, the master will tell YOU when you are ready.

Hero: I'm ready now and Dage knows it.
Hero: I'm back into the Soul Chamber and tell him that I'm ready to take my place in his Legion.

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