The Final Report


Hero: Galanoth, Dragonlord Talyn captured an artifact from the Guardians…
Hero: …He called it the Fire Orb and claims that it has the power to awaken the Great Fire Dragon!
Kord (DragonSlayer Commander): Book and blade! We've got to get to Mount Ashfall and stop him now!
Galanoth (DragonSlayer Leader): Perhaps not.
Kord (DragonSlayer Commander): What are your plans, Galanoth?
Galanoth (DragonSlayer Leader): We let him awaken the Great Fire Dragon.
Hero: WHAT?!
Kord (DragonSlayer Commander): All due respect, sir… you barely survived your last encounter.
Galanoth (DragonSlayer Leader): So did the dragon and now I have an army of DragonSlayers with me.
Kord (DragonSlayer Commander): That dragon has been sleeping… healing… growing stronger for YEARS!
Kord (DragonSlayer Commander): Who knows what it would be capable of now!?
Hero: Kord is right. We can't risk it getting free if we still have a chance to stop it.
Galanoth (DragonSlayer Leader): Are you questioning my orders?
Kord (DragonSlayer Commander): … Galanoth, you know we will all follow your commands but…
Galanoth (DragonSlayer Leader): I am a DRAGONSLAYER. No dragon… no matter how powerful… lives.
Galanoth (DragonSlayer Leader): I've been hunting this beast for half of my life. It won't escape again.
Galanoth (DragonSlayer Leader): Ready the troops. We assault Mount Ashfall at daybreak!
Narrator: COMING SOON: The final chapter of The Dragons Of Ashfall!

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