The Fourth Chapter of Dage's Journal


Hero: I found the fourth chapter of the journal.

Vost (Chronicler): Excellent! Let's see what it says…

Vost (Chronicler): "With his power, Dage's pride also grew."
Vost (Chronicler): "He lead his loyal Undead Legion in a revolt trying to take the power of the Archfiend for himself."
Vost (Chronicler): "The revolt failed and Dage's Undead Legion was decimated."
Vost (Chronicler): "As his prize, the Archfiend claimed a portion of Dage's withered soul to better control his apprentice."
Vost (Chronicler): "He used it to bind Dage to the Underworld for all time."
Vost (Chronicler): "Not even that prison could contain Dage's power and, over the centuries, he claimed a section of the Underworld for himself."

Hero: I wonder if the Archfiend still has that piece of Dage's soul.

Vost (Chronicler): Perhaps we will find out. Only one chapter remains but before you can find it…
Vost (Chronicler): ..Reclaim the Undead Warrior Sword and we can unlock the armor's secrets.
Vost (Chronicler): It is jealousy guarded by the greatest creature in the cavern… a huge undead dragon called the Legion Drakaus!

Hero: I will find it!

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