The Frostlorn


The Frostlorn: You are not one of my children.
The Frostlorn: Do you bring the Frostlorn a gift of food?

Hero: A mighty thing like you can't feed itself?

The Frostlorn: I was frozen in my throne for a very long time before my children discovered me.
The Frostlorn: The called me Father Winter, and began working to free me.
The Frostlorn: The built this castle around me to praise my power.
The Frostlorn: Once I am free… I will feed.
The Frostlorn: And the world will freeze in my shadow.

Hero: I will make sure that never happens.
Hero: The raids stop now and you will never walk Lore again.

The Frostlorn: I am the living winter, little hero.
The Frostlorn: You cannot stop me any more than you can stop the changing of the seasons.

Hero: Maybe not, but I'm going to try.

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