The Frostval Spirit


Hero: What's wrong, little moglin?
Blizzy (Frost Moglin): My name is Blizzy. I'm a Frost Moglin.
Hero: I've never heard of a Frost Moglin before.
Blizzy (Frost Moglin): That's because there aren't many of us left.
Blizzy (Frost Moglin): Long ago, a monster called the Yettun wanted our magic all for itself.
Blizzy (Frost Moglin): It attacked. It drove us from our home in the Frozen Northlands and took our magic called Frostval Spirit.
Blizzy (Frost Moglin): The Frost Moglins who survived the attack scattered all over Lore… powerless and homeless.
Blizzy (Frost Moglin): Things have been like this for us for generations.
Hero: That's terrible. You should take your land and magic back!
Blizzy (Frost Moglin): That's what I wanted to do but it's not that easy.
Blizzy (Frost Moglin): We hid our home from danger with a magical Frost Labyrinth. The Yettun controls that now.
Blizzy (Frost Moglin): Nobody can find the exit without finding the four Frostval Seals hiding inside.
Blizzy (Frost Moglin): But the Yettun hoarding the Frostval Spirit has made the creatures in the Frost Labyrinth cruel and dangerous.
Blizzy (Frost Moglin): Even if I survived the Frost Labyrinth, I'm not strong enough to face the Yettun.
Hero: Not alone, but if you had help… I'm going to help you take your home back!
Blizzy (Frost Moglin): You will?! But you don't even know me.
Hero: I don't have to know you to help you.
Hero: My name is <hero> and I think that helping others is a big part of Frostval.
Blizzy (Frost Moglin): THAT'S AMAZING! <hero>, you won't regret this! Thank you!

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