The Future of Atlantis


Hero: You wanted to see me?
Aquella (Protector of Atlantis): Do you remember when we first met?
Aquella (Protector of Atlantis): How suspicious I was of you and your friends?
Hero: That's putting it lightly… I distinctly remember you trying to get us thrown in jail.
Aquella (Protector of Atlantis): We didn't start off on the right foot, but now look at us… At all that has transpired…
Aquella (Protector of Atlantis): Who would've thought?
Hero: Not me!
Aquella (Protector of Atlantis): Atlantis owes a lot to you and your friends.
Aquella (Protector of Atlantis): But for now, we have many things to figure out as a community.
Aquella (Protector of Atlantis): We are without a voice; no one to guide us to our next chapter.
Pearl (Soothsayer of Atlantis): Oh, please, child. You can't truly feel that way.
Aquella (Protector of Atlantis): Hello, Nana. I'm sure you're happy to see the end of King Nautilus' reign.
Aquella (Protector of Atlantis): Seems you knew all along that his downfall is what this city needed in order to prosper.
Pearl (Soothsayer of Atlantis): I may have had an inkling or two.
Aquella (Protector of Atlantis): And what do your visions tell you of our city's future?
Pearl (Soothsayer of Atlantis): That the voice we need is already here.
Pearl (Soothsayer of Atlantis): She only needs to trust in herself in the same way that others already do.
Aquella (Protector of Atlantis): You must be joking… I'm not…
Pearl (Soothsayer of Atlantis): Oh, hush. Do not sell yourself short.
Pearl (Soothsayer of Atlantis): You played just as large of a role in these matters as anyone else.
Hero: Pearl is right.
Hero: You stood up for me when I first met King Nautilus, and you defied his order to execute my friends.
Hero: You always did what you thought was the right thing to do at a given moment, and it's why we prevailed.
Hero: That sounds like a leader to me.
Aquella (Protector of Atlantis): But there's got to be someone else…
Pearl (Soothsayer of Atlantis): Can you think of any who would be better suited?
Aquella (Protector of Atlantis): What about Thefarus?
Pearl (Soothsayer of Atlantis): Your brother? You can't be serious…
Aquella (Protector of Atlantis): Why not? He always felt the Water Elves deserved better than what King Nautilus was willing to provide.
Aquella (Protector of Atlantis): If anyone is capable of leading Atlantis it's him.
Pearl (Soothsayer of Atlantis): If that were true then he would have stayed and protected his people.
Pearl (Soothsayer of Atlantis): Just as you did, You put the safety of others before your own interests.
Pearl (Soothsayer of Atlantis): I love my grandson, but that is not a quality he ever showed.
Aquella (Protector of Atlantis): But I'm only a soldier.
Pearl (Soothsayer of Atlantis): Then become something more, child. Become the person you want to be.
Aquella (Protector of Atlantis): I don't know who that person is yet.
Pearl (Soothsayer of Atlantis): That's fine. You'll find out in time.
Pearl (Soothsayer of Atlantis): And whoever you become, will be exactly what this city needs in that time.
Hero: Better listen to Nana. You know she's never wrong.
Aquella (Protector of Atlantis): Thank you. I will do my best.
Hero: Good, because there may come a time when I could use your help on the topside.
Aquella (Queen of Atlantis): You can count on me and my people.
Aquella (Queen of Atlantis): Farewell, <Hero>. Until we meet again.

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