The Grillmaster

Location: Gaz's Last Chance Shop - Battleon Town Square
Price: 1,000 Dragon Crystals
Sellback: 100 Gold
Level: 1
Description: "License to Grill"
Once upon a time, in a land far, far away…. The Legendary Grillmaster embarked on his epic quest to grill… EVERYTHING. Until, one day the Grillmaster flipped… out. Replacing spellbooks with cookbooks the Grillmaster dedicated themself to a life of culinary carnage. Know what knows what became of them… but this spatula remains. If only it could talk. Maybe it can. If you listen… carefully…

June 2022 Promo item.
Note: This item was given out to players who bought the Adventurer's Pack, any Guardian, or any Dragon Crystals package in June, 2022.

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