The Invite


Khal-No'Bir: You fought well, <hero>. Best fight I've had in centuries.
Khal-No'Bir: But your downfall was trusting Lord Sekt to keep his word.
Khal-No'Bir: That is, after all, how we came to acquire his first wish as well.
Hero: Will Skorpienne actually grant his wish?
Khal-No'Bir: No… My master is not one to acquiesce to the demands of others.
Khal-No'Bir: Sekt will soon realize the grave mistake he has just made…
Hero: What do you mean?
Khal-No'Bir: That I cannot say… But perhaps, you'll find the answer for yourself…
Khal-No'Bir: The Keeper of Death invites you to her and Lord Sekt at her ethereal pyramid.

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