The Invite (Old)


Note: Also see The Invite.

Khal-No'Bir: You fought well, <hero>. Best fight I've had in centuries.
Khal-No'Bir: But your downfall was trusting Lord Sekt to keep his word.
Khal-No'Bir: That is, after all, how we came to acquire his first wish as well.
Hero: Will Skorpienne actually grant his wish?
Khal-No'Bir: No… My master is not one to acquiesce to the demands of others.
Khal-No'Bir: Sekt will soon realize the grave mistake he has just made…
Hero: What do you mean?
Khal-No'Bir: That I cannot say… But perhaps, you'll find the answer for yourself…
Khal-No'Bir: The Keeper of Death invites you to her and Lord Sekt at her ethereal pyramid.

Skorpienne, the Keeper of Death waits for you in her ethereal pyramid!

Tune in next time for the final chapter of the Sandsea Saga!

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