The Key That Unlocks Any Door


Guardian Peter Hill (Guardian of the Valley): Coward! Come down here and face me!
Vane (The Void King): Fool. You are not worth my time.
Vane (The Void King): The only thing I want is inside this tower.
Guardian Peter Hill (Guardian of the Valley): Then you are wasting your time. The Guardian Tower is protected by a powerful ward.
Guardian Peter Hill (Guardian of the Valley): None but a Guardian can pass through its doors!
Vane (The Void King): Unless they have a key that can open ANY door…
Vane (The Void King): …like the key to Death's Lair.
Hero: Peter, this is him! This is the guy I've been trying to find!
Azella (Daughter of Death): Please, allow me.
Azella (Daughter of Death): No mortal can use Death's Key… but his daughter can.
Hero: No! I can't let you do that!
Azella (Daughter of Death): Ha! And who are you supposed to be?
Hero: I'm, uh… a friend of your dad's?
Azella (Daughter of Death): My father doesn't have "friends".
Hero: He sent me to find you! He's been worried.
Azella (Daughter of Death): Please. He would never have even noticed I was gone if I hadn't left with his precious key!
Azella (Daughter of Death): Ignore <him/her>, Azella.
Azella (Daughter of Death): My Void Minions will deal with these fools. Just get us inside.

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