The Kidnapping


TV: Breaking news. Beleen has been kidnapped!
Hero: What?? I literally just clicked on her to play this cutscene.
TV: Moments ago, Beleen was kidnapped during the filming of her B-Horror game marathon.
TV: Sources say she is being held prisoner at the lair of…
Artix (Paladin): Wait… is that Chairman Platinum?
Hero: Who's that? Your dad?
Artix (Paladin): No! (Out of character: Why do all the players think that? He is not.)
Artix (Paladin): He is the CEO of EbilCorp. The most Ebil company in the world.
Hero: Did they spell evil wrong on purpose or is that a typo?
Artix (Paladin): Probably for better search engine optimization… Ever been to their website?
Hero: He's got Beleen, what do we do?
TV: …Any heroes foolish enough to try to save Beleen should go to the address on the card our EbilCorp Ninjas stuck in your pocket.
Hero: Whoa. There really is a note in my pocket…
Artix (Paladin): So where are they holding Beleen?
Hero: It says she's at the…
Game #5: Ring of Doom

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