The Loyal Fool Falls


Lord Sekt: Gaspar, you loyal fool…
Lord Sekt: Do you see what your noble heart has done to you?
Hero: He died doing what he thought was right, protecting his pharaoh.
Lord Sekt: I'm immortal!
Lord Sekt: I don't need saving…
Hero: That's not how I saw it.
Hero: You may be powerful, but it's nothing compared to what the Voidrakar are capable of.
Hero: Especially if Vane gets his hands on the lamp.
Hero: If Vane succeeds, he'll Hollow out all of lore, including the Sandsea.
Hero: That is why I need to find the lamp.
Hero: It's the only way to stop Vane!
Lord Sekt: The only way?
Lord Sekt: Very well… I'll help you acquire the piece of the lamp.
Hero: Pieces?
Lord Sekt: The lamp is composed of three pieces…
Lord Sekt: You'll need to find all three pieces to form the lamp.
Hero: Where are the pieces?
Lord Sekt: There are four pyramids neighboring my temple.
Lord Sekt: The three smaller pyramids each hold a piece of the lamp in their treasure room.
Lord Sekt: Start at the pyramid of Crocos, Keeper of Water.
Lord Sekt: Inform the guard that I sent you. He'll tell you the rest.

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