The Mayor's Story


ShadowSlayer W: Gottfried, I think it is well past time that you tell me what you know.
Gottfried Granemor: I… I think you're right.
Hero: W, Boog said you wanted to meet me here.
ShadowSlayer W: <Hero>, just in time.
ShadowSlayer W: Mayor Granemor was just about to tell an interesting story.
Gottfried Granemor: I was a young man when I first came to Darkhurst, when the sun still shone here…
ShadowSlayer W: The sun ? That would make you hundreds of years old.
Gottfried Granemor: Quite right.
Gottfried Granemor: I was a proud Sworn Guardian at the time, and I served at the Guardian Tower here for years.
Gottfried Granemor: There was… an accident in the tower.
Gottfried Granemor: All my brothers and sisters did what they could to defend the tower.
Gottfried Granemor: I broke and ran, but even in my cowardice I thought to grab the Darkness Orb and try to keep it safe.
Gottfried Granemor: I barred the doors behind me as I ran and left the others to die.
Gottfried Granemor: I might as well have slain them myself.
Gottfried Granemor: I brought a curse on Darkovia that day, and on myself.
Gottfried Granemor: The power of the Darkness Orb transformed Darkovia into a land of perpetual night.
Gottfried Granemor: I was cursed to continue living, but I was never able to leave Darkovia.
Gottfried Granemor: I've been here all this time, trying to help the people here and make amends.
Gottfried Granemor: That's why I took in the foundlings.
Hero: Foundlings ? You mean Safiria and Bram aren't your children ?
Gottfried Granemor: Oh, they are very much my children… just not of my blood.
Gottfried Granemor: When they were found, there was a ream of parchment with them both.
Gottfried Granemor: The language was old, so none of the townsfolk could read it…But I could.
Gottfried Granemor: It said that both children were of the bloodline of the original Safiria and the first Were-king.
Hero: So it seems that things have come full circle.
Hero: They've taken up their ancestral birthrights.
Gottfried Granemor: I knew about the prophecy in the Book of Darkov.
Gottfried Granemor: That is why I wanted so badly for you to reach Safiria before she could be changed.
ShadowSlayer W: And the Darkness Orb ? What happened to the Eye of Night ?
ShadowSlayer W: With the Blood Moon upon us, I may be able to use it to help you, Mayor.
Gottfried Granemor: You… you think you could lift Darkovia out of darkness ?
ShadowSlayer W: I might… and I will be able to break the curse so you can come and go as you please.
Gottfried Granemor: I hid it under a loose flagstone beneath what is now Boog's Tavern.
Hero: I was just there!
Hero: That explains why there are so many shadows upon there.
ShadowSlayer W: <Hero>. I need to make sure I have all the details of the Mayor's story.
ShadowSlayer W: You go and find that Orb!

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