The Might of Voidrakar


Azella: Fools… your resistance is futile!
General Gaspar: Respectfully, I disagree!
General Gaspar: En guarde!
«Azella prepares her magical attack with the intent to use it on Lord Sekt, but her attack get interrupted by General Gaspar.»
«Azella prepares another magical attack quickly and uses it on General Gaspar, killing him instantly.»
Hero: Gaspar, no!
Lord Sekt: You fiend… What have you done?!
Azella: The same thing that will happen to you all if you continue to oppose the Void King.
Azella: So consider this your only warning, <Hero>.
Azella: Stay. Out. Of. My. Way.
Azella: Voidrakar! We are leaving!

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