The Mystery of EggMog


Pinion (Alchemist): Ah, yes! Yes, that's much better.
Pinion (Alchemist): Now, what were we… Hey! Wait a minute…
Pinion (Alchemist): You're not my grandson!
Hero: No. No, I am not.
Pinion (Alchemist): Not my granddaughter, either. That must mean…
Pinion (Alchemist): You'll never take me alive! This old man's still got some fight in him!
Hero: (SIGH)
Hero: Look, man, we just need to ask about some alchemy stuff.
Pinion (Alchemist): Oh! Well, why didn't you say so?
Hero: We think a friend of ours may have accidentally made some kind of, um…
Chilly (Little Frost Moglin): Monster potion.
Hero: Monster potion, yes. He was trying to make EggMog…
Pinion (Alchemist): EggMog! With eggs? And buttermilk?
Hero: Uh… yes. I've got a sample for you here…
Pinion (Alchemist): And I don't suppose your friend is a moglin, too? Like this wee one?
Hero: Him and all the other monsters, yeah.
Pinion (Alchemist): Yes, yes. They always are.
Hero: So, do you think you can help?
Pinion (Alchemist): Of course! Don't you worry. We'll get this all figured out.
Pinion (Alchemist): Eggs and buttermilk! Of all the things. Your friend really should have been more careful!

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