The Mystic


Hero: Those pylons are definitely not working right…
Hero: …But I have no idea what's wrong or how to fix it.
Robina (Greenguard Ranger): I was afraid you'd say that.
Robina (Greenguard Ranger): There is a mystic who lives here in Greenguard. He's been here for decades.
Robina (Greenguard Ranger): He knows more about this area than anyone.
Robina (Greenguard Ranger): Maybe, if you ask nicely,he'll look in his book and tell us.
Hero: Uh… OK. Why didn't we just start there?
Robina (Greenguard Ranger): He's a recluse and very unfriendly.
Robina (Greenguard Ranger): Also, he lives in a dangerous cave full of monsters.
Hero: Why are mystics always anti-social recluses?
Robina (Greenguard Ranger): It's in the Hermit Handbook.
Hero: I'll let you know what the mystic says.

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