The New Shadowslayer


Wolfwing: You fools…
Wolfwing: Stop resisting and accept me as your superior!
???: Not so fast!
Wolfwing: Who dares to interfere ?
???: I do!
Hero: What ? Another ShadowSlayer ?
ShadowSlayer X: ShadowSlayer X, to be exact.
ShadowSlayer X: It's good to see you again, <hero>.
Hero: Wait— have we met before ?
ShadowSlayer X: You could say that. But I think it's best if we can catch up later.
ShadowSlayer X: You ready to take this bat-brained menace down ?
Hero: I don't know who you are, but I like you already.
Hero: Safiria, Constantine… I fought for you both.
Hero: Now, I need you both to put aside your vengeance…
Hero: Join forces and fight Wolfwing at my side!

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