The Oni Are Attacking!


Subaru (Yokai Boatman): <Hero>?! What are you doing here?
Subaru (Yokai Boatman): You must turn back! The Oni are attacking our village!
Hero: What??
Hero: But… I thought they were gone!
Subaru (Yokai Boatman): They haven't been seen in years.
Subaru (Yokai Boatman): We knew they might someday return, but…
Hero: Where are they? I'll help fight them off.
Subaru (Yokai Boatman): Our Samurai will handle it, <Hero>.
Subaru (Yokai Boatman): You must go back to the island!
Hero: What kind of hero would I be if I just ran away?
Hero: That's not who I am. I'm going to stay and fight.

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