The Past Mystic


Domun (Past Mystic): So… you're to be the new Greenguard mystic?
Hero: Me? No.
Hero: Reed is.
Reed (Greenguard Mystic): Hi.
Domun (Past Mystic): You? You're no mystic. You're just a boy.
Reed (Greenguard Mystic): You were a Greenguard mystic once too, like me?
Domun (Past Mystic): I was the First Greenguard mystic.
Domun (Past Mystic): And I was nothing like you.
Domun (Past Mystic): This is a serious responsibility. It take years of preparation.
Reed (Greenguard Mystic): Believe me, I understand how serious this is.
Reed (Greenguard Mystic): I'm ready.
Domun (Past Mystic): We will see.
Domun (Past Mystic): A Greenguard mystic must be able to focus their spirit regardless of the conditions.
Domun (Past Mystic): Normally I just cause a minor earthquake and some rain to distract hopefuls…
Domun (Past Mystic): …But I see that you have chosen a champion to protect you.
Domun (Past Mystic): This will require a slightly greater challenge.
Domun (Past Mystic): Speak to me to begin each step of the challenge as you are ready for it.

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