The Rebels' Name


Hero: So is there a name that you all collectively go by?
Zhoom (Rebel Leader): We call ourselves the Saviors of the Sandsea.
Guildey: Boooooorrrriiiiiiiiiinnnnnnnggg…

Zhoom (Rebel Leader): It's not a boring name!
Rosen: It's also not the name we agreed upon.
Guildey: That's right! We're the Zhoomers!

Rosen: That's also no the name we agreed upon!
Zhoom (Rebel Leader): We never agreed on anything!
Zhoom (Rebel Leader): And we're definitely not calling ourselves "Zhoomers."

Guildey: Awwww. Why not?
Rosen: Because it's a terrible name.
Rosen: Truly, truly terrible.

Guildey: Pfft. ok, Zhoomer…
Zhoom (Rebel Leader): Enough! We'll table this until our next meeting.
Guildey: I think you mean our next "Zhoom Metting."

Rosen: *Heavy sigh*
Zhoom (Rebel Leader): As you can see, our official name is a topic of much debate.
Hero: Right. I guess I'll stick with calling you all "rebels" then.

Guildey: Or you could join Team Zhoomer!
Zhoom (Rebel Leader): Please don't join Team Zhoomer.

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