The Reign Of Lord Sekt


Hero: So you're an immortal pharaoh, huh?
Lord Sekt: I've sat on this throne for centuries now, so you tell me.
Hero: That's a real long time to be at one job. Ever thought about retirement?
Lord Sekt: Retirement? Ha! Not while this land demands a strong ruler!
Lord Sekt: The Sandsea is at its best when it has one commanding voice telling everyone what to do.
Lord Sekt: Like in my youth, when I was a citizen under the of rule of the great Sek-Duat.
Hero: Who's that?
Lord Sekt: Sek-Duat was a pharaoh of this desert many centuries ago. He governed his people with an iron fist.
Lord Sekt: This desert thrived under his tyrannical rule until he met an untimely demise.
Hero: What happened to him?
Lord Sekt: His people revolted and had him executed.
Lord Sekt: After his death came a period of Harmony and Communal Prosperity.
Lord Sekt: Bah! …such nonsense.
Hero: That all sounds pretty good to me.
Lord Sekt: And that is why you're not pharaoh-worthy!
Lord Sekt: But I, on the other hand, have learned from Sek-Duat's mistakes.
Lord Sekt: See, Sek-Duat's failure was that he wasn't Immortal.
Lord Sekt: Think about it: You can't be executed if you can't die.
Hero: I don't think that's entirely true…
Lord Sekt: Despite his literal fatal flaw, Sek-Duat was my inspiration.
Lord Sekt: Hence the name I use today as a tribute to him.
Hero: Oh yeah? So what's your real name?
Lord Sekt: It is not something that is meant to be uttered.
Hero: I bet it's something like Marvin… or Phil.
Lord Sekt: It is not Phil! Stop trying to guess!
Lord Sekt: Anyway… Just as Sek-Duat did before me, I will lead the Sandsea into prosperity!
Hero: …When?
Lord Sekt: "When" what?
Hero: When is Sandsea going to thrive?
Lord Sekt: Who says it already isn't?
Hero: I do, and anyone else who has eyes.
Lord Sekt: I don't think that's accurate.
Hero: So then why is the Sandsea a barren wasteland?
Lord Sekt: And that pesky Zhoom and his ancestors keep getting in my way.
Lord Sekt: But should you succeed in defeating Zhoom, Then you'll see my plan come to fruition.
Hero: What plans?
Lord Sekt: Uh…
Lord Sekt: Well… There's the one with the… Uh…
Hero: You don't have any plans, do you ?
Lord Sekt:
Lord Sekt: This conversation is over!

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