The Return of Noxus

Dungeon Level 31+ (Scaled)
Difficulty: Normal
Recommended Players: 5


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Lobby: Tower of Necromancy - Lobby
Access Points:

Party Size: 5


  • Transformations are not allowed in this challenge.
  • During Phase I Noxus, Lich Returned uses "Death Nova" attack dealing massive Area of Effect damage, to avoid this attack hide behind the pillars.
  • After reaching 25% health Noxus, Lich Returned enters into a Phase II.
  • Pay attention to Eye of Noxus floating above you to predict where is going to attack since you cannot outspeed the Eye.
  • Eventually the bridges will collapse with the "Skeletal Swipe" attack and is needed to restore then channeling the white summoning circles.
  • An ally dying during Phase II will be caged in different prisons, these prisons has different colors; blue, green, purple, red.
    • The torch will light and glow when an ally is currently present inside the prison.

Phase I

Phase II

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