The Sand Witch


Zhoom: Again, my friend, you have my gratitude for helping us in a time of need.
Hero: I'm happy to help, but now I must ask for a favor.
Hero: There's some kind of menacing force in the desert that is attacking the caravan deliveries…
Hero: The caravan leader Fahad requests your aid after Lord Sekt declined to provide assistance.
Zhoom: Sekt declined to help someone? What a surprise…
Zhoom: But what does Fahad want with me?
Fahad: I'll take it from here, <Hero>.
Zhoom: What?! How did you get in without us knowing?
Fahad: Please, Zhoom. Your not-so-hidden hideout was an easy location to find for an explorer of my prowess.
Fahad: And unlike Sekt's guards, I don't have an irrational fear of scorpions to keep me away.
Zhoom: Be that as it may, your sudden appearance is still unwelcome.
Fahad: Then allow me to make amends with an offering: a regular shipment of supplies to your people.
Zhoom: What's the catch?
Fahad: I merely require your help in ending the attacks on my caravan.
Zhoom: That's tempting, but why is my assistance is needed?
Fahad: I suspect that whatever is attacking my caravan is something magical in nature.
Fahad: More specifically, I think the culprit behind it all is a Sand Witch!
Hero:…A sandwich?
Zhoom: He means a witch who derives their power from the elements of the desert, particularly the sand.
Hero: Sand Witch. Got it. Do you all have a lot of those in Sandsea?
Zhoom: It's not a creature that I've encountered myself…
Zhoom: But I've heard tales of the horrible things that befall those who draw the ire of a Sand Witch.
Zhoom: And there is no fate worse than one from a bad Sand Witch.
Zhoom: DO you know the location of the Sand Witch's Lair?
Fahad: No, but I'm certain you'll be able to find it, given your prowess for tracking down magical beings.
Zhoom: Which makes sense as to why you'd come to me.
Zhoom: And what happens when I track down the Sand Witch?
Fahad: Then I suppose you and <Hero> can deal with the Sand Witch yourselves.
Zhoom: What do you say, <Hero>? Are you up to facing a Sand Witch?
Hero: I'm game if you are.
Zhoom: If it means a regular shipment of supplies to my camp, then okay, Fahad. I'll help you.
Fahad: Splendid. Then I suggest the two of you will meet me at the Horizon Caravan Outpost.
Fahad: Until then, my friends, I bid you farewell.
Zhoom: And just like that, He's gone.
Zhoom: No point in waiting; let's head out to the Horizon Caravan Outpost.

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