The Second Chapter of Dage's Journal


Hero: I've got the next chapter for you, Vost.

Vost (Chronicler): Let's see what it says…

Vost (Chronicler): "Knowing that death would only come for him if he died in combat, Dage began to take on even greater challenges…"
Vost (Chronicler): "… Until finally, he did battle with a lich, an undead wizard of unthinkable power."
Vost (Chronicler): "Dage was again victorious but the lich, knowing Dage's heart, cursed the warrior with eternal unlife so that he could never reach his final goal."

Hero: So, now we know how he became undead.

Vost (Chronicler): With the lich destroyed, there's very little chance that Dage could ever undo the curse set upon him.
Vost (Chronicler): The Undead Warrior Shoulders are what you should gather next.
Vost (Chronicler): You'll find them in the possession of an abomination called the Legion Corpus.

Hero: Alright.

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