The Ship


Laurie (Science Camper): HAVE YOU SEEN THIS THING?!
Hero: The big ship in the middle of Lake Gonnagetcha?
Hero: Yeah. Kinda hard to miss.
Laurie (Science Camper): It's called THE GRUNDEL!
Laurie (Science Camper): At least, that's what it says under the… wing?
Laurie (Science Camper): Does that look like a wing to you?
Hero: Uh… I guess? So, are you going inside?
Laurie (Science Camper): Are you kidding me? No way! I've seen plenty of horror movies.
Laurie (Science Camper): The alien technology in there has probably upgraded Shrade into some cybernetic murder cyborg or something.
Hero: Oddly specific.
Laurie (Science Camper): If you want to go in, I'll open the hatch for you…
Laurie (Science Camper): … But after that, you're on your own. Good luck, camper.

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