The Sleepwalker


«Scene: The Hero speaks with Phillip to learn about what he thinks about the clues found»

«Phillip scratches his head»

Phillip (Sleepwalker): You got this note from a dream…?

Hero: Yeah. From Fleshette's Nightmare Labyrinth.

«Phillip jerks back, surprised»

Phillip (Sleepwalker): This is a page out of my own sleep journal!

Phillip (Sleepwalker): Fleshette must have pulled these notes out of our memories.

«The Hero shrugs»

Hero: Sleep journal?

Phillip (Sleepwalker): I've got a pretty bad sleepwalking habit.
Phillip (Sleepwalker): My doctor said I should try to keep a sleep journal to track how often I sleepwalk.
Phillip (Sleepwalker): There are notes scribbled here on the sides… I never wrote this.
Phillip (Sleepwalker): Fleshette wants to kill me and take over my sleepwalking body so she can move around the waking world!

«The Hero muses»

Hero: So we know why you're so important to her.

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