The Temporary Alliance


ShadowSlayer X: Oh no you don't!
ShadowSlayer X: You're not getting away with that easily.
Hero: ShadowSlayer, wait!
Constantine: Wolfwing has fled like a coward…
Queen Safiria: …but I'm certain that's not the last we will see of him.
Hero: Thank you both. I couldn't have defeated Wolfwing without your help.
Hero: See what you both can accomplish when you work together ?
Queen Safiria: This alliance is short-lived.
Queen Safiria: Any hope for peace died when my beloved was murdered by this… animal.
Constantine: I had hoped that my sister still lived… but it's clear that nothing of her remains in that body.
Constantine: I will avenge her and my murdered mentor!
Constantine: Every undead leech in Darkovia is now prey to any Lycan that can fight.
Queen Safiria: Vlad's blood is on your claws, dog! You dare threaten…
Hero: STOP! This is going nowhere!
Hero: Can't you at least spare your town that was once your home ?
Hero: Will you agree that Darkhurst is off limits ?
Queen Safiria: All of Darkovia is our battleground.
Queen Safiria: However, the Vampires can agree that the people of Darkhurst are off-limits.
Constantine: The Lycans also agree.
Constantine: Lycan blood has been spilled on these streets and we will continue to fight there…
Constantine: …but the townfolk will no longer be harmed.
Hero: This isn't the compromise I hoped for, but I'll take what I can get.
Constantine: Goodbye, <hero>. You are welcome in the conclave, but be warned…
Constantine: If the scent of Vampire is on you, you may not be safe.
Queen Safiria: The Vampire Castle is likewise open to you…
Queen Safiria: …but if you consort with these mongrels, I cannot guarantee your safety.
Queen Safiria: Vampires, come. We leave this place.
Constantine: Lycans, return to the conclave.

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