The TheoryCrafter

Interesting. From what you've found last night I'm sure there's something going on. Great work. By the way have you noticed some plants smell kinda funny?

After clicking/tapping on a plant on Frankie's stage that is the closest to the door that leads to the maze room with Dead Mimic in your inventory in Pizza Hero - Night 2:

Have I ever told you the story of the rider clad in black armor?

After clicking/tapping on a chair next to the table in the middle of the dining room with Pi Mae's Noodles in your inventory in Pizza Hero - Night 3:

I found a note, it reads "P, do you know gods of death love Pizza"? What could that mean?

After clicking/tapping on one of the furnaces in the kitchen with no more than 1 Golden Egg in your inventory in Pizza Hero - Night 4:

Hero, I'm so lost.

After getting killed by Golden Bunnz in Pizza Hero Birthday and teleported back to Pizza Hero:

Great job hero. I here Mario over there has a reward for you in his shop.

- The head (Clicking/tapping on this unlocks the "Pizza Hero" title.)

Location: Pizza Hero

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