The Third Chapter of Dage's Journal


Hero: Here's the third chapter.

Vost (Chronicler): Thank you, <Hero>.

Vost (Chronicler): "Having his one goal gone forever taken from him, Dage grew more frustrated and desolate."
Vost (Chronicler): "The undead warrior withdrew further and further from his own humanity."
Vost (Chronicler): "Finally, at the height of his worldly power the Archfiend approached him."
Vost (Chronicler): "For centuries Dage fought as one of the mightiest generals in this army of evil…"
Vost (Chronicler): "… Gaining all the power promised by service to the Archfiend."

Hero: So, Dage served this… Archfiend?

Vost (Chronicler): Yes. As a servant of the Archfiend, Dage would have gained even more power than he already did.
Vost (Chronicler): This raises even more questions. You will have to recover the next chapter… but first, the Undead Warrior Helm.
Vost (Chronicler): Deep in the cavern, there is a Legion Warfiend. If you are able to best it, you will recover the Undead Warrior Helm.

Hero: I'm on my way.

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