The Toll


Trader Joe (Traveling Merchant): I've already told you, I'm not giving you anything else!
Trader Joe (Traveling Merchant): Now give me my pack and let me pass!
Hand Bandit (Outcast Hand Thug): You can pay, stay or get out of the way, old man.
Hero: What's going on here?
Trader Joe (Traveling Merchant): These fools already stole my pack and now they want me to pay to use the Travel Crystal to teleport to Battleon!
Trader Joe (Traveling Merchant): I've been all over and I've never had to pay to use a Travel Crystal before!
Hero: Guys, just give him his pack and let him use the crystal.
Hand Bandit (Outcast Hand Thug): Hand Bandit: This part of Greenguard belongs to the OUTCAST HAND!
Hand Bandit (Outcast Hand Thug): If anyone wants to use this Travel Crystal to get to Battleon, they gotta pay the toll.
Hand Bandit (Outcast Hand Thug): … And since you can't mind your own business, you get to pay a SPECIAL PRICE!

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