The Transdimensional Crystal


Mysterious Johnson: Ah, yes! The Transdimensional Crystal!
Mysterious Johnson: The object you are currently admiring was brought to Mysterious Johnson's House of Oddities by a mutual friend.
Mysterious Johnson: Contained within is a pocket dimension, a small piece of an alternative version of Lore. A mirror reality, if you will.
Hero: Oh, weird. Why does that even exist?
Mysterious Johnson: It was created to confine an alternative version of Warlic from this same reality. A cursed version who seeks to destroy our would.
Mysterious Johnson: Something about the existence of a multiverse being dangerous to all versions of Lore, there can only one, blah blah blah…
Mysterious Johnson: It is quite outside Mysterious Johnson's realm of expertise.
Hero: Yeah. Mine, too.
Mysterious Johnson: Ah, but defending Lore against the bad guys is not!
Mysterious Johnson: Even now, this… Dark Warlic…
Hero; …Darlic, if you will.
Mysterious Johnson: …Yes, this Darlic is trying to break free.
Mysterious Johnson: It's up to you to stop him before he succeeds!
Mysterious Johnson: I guess it's a good thing I came in here today.
Mysterious Johnson: Indeed it is!
Mysterious Johnson: Now, prepare yourself! Transdimensional travel can get a little bumpy.

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