The Trials Completed


Domun (Past Mystic): You have completed the third trial.
Domun (Past Mystic): Outstanding work.
Reed (Greenguard Mystic): I passed?
Domun (Past Mystic): Yes. I could feel the intensity of your focus.
Domun (Past Mystic): You will make a fine Greenguard mystic.
Hero: That's it? We're done?
Reed (Greenguard Mystic): Almost. I just need the voice of the forest to officially confirm me.
Reed (Greenguard Mystic): But, before that happens, I need to talk to guardian Liv.
Reed (Greenguard Mystic): I want to thank her for believing in me…
Reed (Greenguard Mystic): … and she should know what Beckett did.
Hero: I get it. Let's go to the guardian outpost.
Reed (Greenguard Mystic): Thank you, mystic Domun.
Domun (Past Mystic): Goodbye, Mystic Reed.

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