The Truth About Darkovia


Living Darkness: Darkness is eternal… you cannot defeat what I am.
Hero: I'm pretty sure I just did.
Living Darkness: Your kind is so small and arrogant. Look around you. What do you see ?
Hero: A great parlor trick ?
Living Darkness: No! Gaze deeper into my darkness.
Living Darkness: Behold the true nature of this land's fate.
Hero: Yeah, this place is dark. I get it.
Hero: I mean… Darkovia literally starts with the word dark.
Living Darkness: Hah. What do you think the darkness really is ?
Hero: I feel like you're about to tell me.
Living Darkness: Darkovia is not merely shrouded in darkness…
Living Darkness: It is a land consumed by it.
Living Darkness: This place has been eaten by a legion of shadow creatures from the plane of darkness.
Living Darkness: You are inside a massive horde of shadow elementals.
Hero: What ?!
Living Darkness: This town, the Vampire's castle, the Werewolf's lair, and ever you…
Living Darkness: Are trapped inside my brethren. You belong to us.
Living Darkness: …And it was all the fault of that cursed guardian.
Hero: The Mayor ?
Living Darkness: He stole the Darkness Orb from the guardian tower.
Living Darkness: He unleashed us here… He cursed this town…
Hero: Oh yeah ? Well, I never met a curse that can't be broken.
Hero: So you better pack your bags, pal.
Living Darkness: Hahahahahaha! I am starting to like you.
Living Darkness: Go ahead. Take the Darkness Orb.
Living Darkness: The event that you call, "The Blood Moon" is nearly upon you.
Living Darkness: We will be watching… how the darkness loves to watch you try.
Living Darkness: Know this. Darkovia shall remain within our dark embrace… forever.
Living Darkness: Muahahahahaha.
*The Living Darkness disappears into the miasma.*
Hero: Ok, well, that wasn't ominous or foreboding at all!
Hero: I better take this back to ShadowSlayer W.

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