The Truth About Sevro's Murder


Hero: The Darkness Orb is back where it belongs.
Gottfried Granemor: Thank you, <hero>.
Gottfried Granemor: Wes… or should I say ShadowSlayer X… and I were discussing the night's events.
Hero: Come up with anything interesting ?
ShadowSlayer X: We did, and it's about Vlad's sword.
Hero: What do you mean ?
Gottfried Granemor: When X described the sword that was found by the senator's body…
Gottfried Granemor: I knew that I had seen that exact sword earlier today.
Hero: Where ?
Gottfried Granemor: While you were away to meet with my children…
Gottfried Granemor: I saw W returning from the forest with the sword under his cloak.
Gottfried Granemor: I didn't think it was suspicious at the time, but now I feel like such a fool.
Hero: So it was ShadowSlayer W who killed Senator Sevro ?
Hero: Of course!
Hero: He needed time to cast the ritual that transformed him into Wolfwing…
Hero: …and what better way than to have Safiria and Constantine fight against each other.
ShadowSlayer X: And it's a way to make sure the Vampires and Lycans never find peace.
ShadowSlayer X: He knew just which strings to pull.
ShadowSlayer X: But maybe if we told Safiria and Constantine the truth then things will get better.
Hero: I'm afraid we're past that point. The hate between them now may be too strong.
Gottfried Granemor: I'm not so sure. I know my children and the love they have for one another.
Gottfried Granemor: In time, their hate will fade and they will be more receptive to reason.
Gottfried Granemor: And while peace may never come to pass between the two sides…
Gottfried Granemor: …at least the people of my town are safe from the Vampires and Lycans.
Hero: That may be true, but there are still many dangers in the shadows of Darkovia.
ShadowSlayer X: Don't you worry, <hero>. I will stand guard as protector of this town.
Hero: I know you'll keep them safe, Wes.
Hero: What will you do now ?
Gottfried Granemor: Now, Darkhurst will continue on as it has for centuries.
Gottfried Granemor: A small glimmer of light and hope in this eternal night.
Hero: Sometimes hope is all we have to gold back the darkness.
Gottfried Granemor: <Hero>, you have my thanks for all you've done for me and my town.
ShadowSlayer X: Oh! And before I forget, the Elemental Protector wanted me to give you this.
ShadowSlayer X: They said you would know what to do with it.
Hero: A rune for the portal in town ? I sure do. So long for now, X.
ShadowSlayer X: Safe travels. Oh… if you ever want to help hunt down Wolfwing's secret lair, you know where to find me.

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