The Unique Guitar


Hero: Wow! Mysterious Johnson, this guitar is SO COOL!
Mysterious Johnson: Indeed! An acquisition Mysterious Johnson is quite proud of.
Hero: Hey, check me out! *Djent-djent-djent-djent!* *Djent-djent-djent-djent!*
Aurelio Voltaire: My guitar!
Aurelio Voltaire: Oh, man, I thought this thing was gone forever! Where did you find it?
Mysterious Johnson: Ah, Aurelio Voltaire! Gothic pirate musician extraordinaire!
Mysterious Johnson: What a pleasure to have you here! But I'm afraid a collector never reveals his sources.
Aurelio Voltaire: Wow, this really brings back some memories.
Aurelio Voltaire: It's been lost for so long! But I still remember the day I found it… On Skull Punch Island.
Hero: Skull Punch Island? Ha ha… Are you serious? What kind of name is that?
Aurelio Voltaire: Of course, I'm serious! Don't you remember?
Aurelio Voltaire: You were there, too! You helped me acquire it.
Hero: Dude, no. You and I have never met before.
Aurelio Voltaire: What? Of course we have! We've had a TON of adventures together!
Mysterious Johnson: Ah, he would not remember. This is a different game, after all!
Aurelio Voltaire: Oh, right, that totally makes sense.
Hero: Ha ha, what?
Mysterious Johnson: It was a long time ago, <Hero>. In another life, back when Lore was still in 2D.
Hero: Uhhh…
Mysterious Johnson: All will be revealed soon enough, my friend.
Mysterious Johnson: With the help of my magic, you can relive the entire adventure!
Mysterious Johnson: Touch the guitar, and return… To SKULL PUNCH ISLAND!

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