The Vengeance


Hero: One elemental fire crystal!
Yuki Jin (Ninja): You got it?!
Yuki Jin (Ninja): This is perfect. Fine work, <Hero>.
Yuki Jin (Ninja): The Blade of the Deep is now ready to go down to the wreck of The Vengeance
Hero: The Vengeance?
Yuki Jin (Ninja): That's where the second piece of the Sea God's Trident is.
Yuki Jin (Ninja): You know that a powerful sea god once ruled the seas of Lore.
Yuki Jin (Ninja): Yokai and the other mysterious islands had to pay tribute to keep from being swallowed by the waves.
Yuki Jin (Ninja): Finally the Emperor of Yokai rebelled and sent the Ninja to defeat the Sea God.
Yuki Jin (Ninja): My ancestors… my family… called forth Ryujin, the Great Sea Dragon.
Yuki Jin (Ninja): The Sea God was defeated and his trident was broken into three pieces, scattered to the winds.
Yuki Jin (Ninja): A pirate named Captain Tutor found the second piece but Ryujin was still its guardian.
Yuki Jin (Ninja): Ryujin sank Captain Tutor's ship, The Vengeance, off the coast.
Hero: And it's still down there?
Yuki Jin (Ninja): Yes. The Kaze-Kage at the time thought it would be safest.
Yuki Jin (Ninja): Now that the Pirates have the first piece, we can't take that risk anymore.
Hero: So we recover the piece. What about Ryujin?
Yuki Jin (Ninja): The Blade of the Deep is designed for stealth.
Yuki Jin (Ninja): I'm hoping the Great Sea Dragon will never notice that it's gone.
Hero: Alright. Let's get down to The Vengeance!

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