The Voidrakar in the Sandsea


General Gaspar: So what did you find?
Hero: Your scout was right to be alarmed.
Hero: The creatures he found are part of the Voidrakkar, a monstrous collective led by Vane the Void King.
General Gaspar: What are they doing here in the Sandsea?
Hero: The same reason I'm here: the magic lamp.
Hero: If they get the lamp, that'd mean the end of life as we know it!
General Gaspar: And what would happen if you get to it first?
Hero: I would use it to defeat Vane and make sure everyone is safe, Bastion included.
General Gaspar: That's a mighty big claim coming out of your mouth.
Hero: You should know by now that I speak only the truth.
General Gaspar: Yeah… you've done well when it comes to backing up your words.
General Gaspar: More than that, I know you're a mighty decent person.
General Gaspar: So what do you need from me?
Hero: I know the lamp is somewhere in the pyramids…
Hero: …and that Lord Sekt may know how to acquire it.
General Gaspar: Hold on… you want an audience with Lord Sekt?!
Hero: The date of the entire world may depend on it!
General Gaspar: …Yeah.
General Gaspar: I got a terrible feeling you may be right.
General Gaspar: OK. If you need to see Lord Sekt, then I'll make it happen.
General Gaspar: Talk to Skiffmaster Squint and let 'em know I gave you permission to go to Lord Sekt's domain.
General Gaspar: Just, uh… mind your manners when you talk to Lord Sekt.
General Gaspar: …For your own good.

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