Thok's Guidance


Thok: Hail adventurer!
Thok: Thou looks as though you could use some guidance.
Thok: There are many fighting styles you can learn throughout your time on Lore.
Thok: These styles are called classes, and you can switch between them as long as you are out of combat.
Thok: These classes can be unlocked through class trainers, or in the classes menu.
Thok: I am the warrior trainer. I know all the in's and out's of being a warrior.
Thok: As a warrior, you are best equipped to handle many enemies at once.
Thok: Why don't you open the class menu and equip the warrior class if you haven't already.
Thok: Then you should have no problem fighting those Frogzards over there. Try fighting multiple at a time!

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