Thok's Phoenix Blade III


Price: N/A

Sellback: 0 Gold
Level: 42
Power: Base: 900 (+0), Max: 920 (+20)
Craft Time: Instant
Speed Up: N/A
Description: The blade of a true veteran. Although Thok was not present during the raid of Mount Ashfall, his blade does not fall begind on experience. Probably the most battle-damaged blade of all the Phoenix Allies. Rumour has it, this has been the only blade Thok has ever wielded. However, others disagree, a very small group of individuals swear to have seen him wield another blade, quite similar to his iconic Phoenix Blade. However, something was noticeable "off" with Thok while wielding it.
Set Piece: Thok's Discipline III Set

Type Bonus Bonus (Max)
Health +777 +843
Attack +1,940 +2,105
Crit +908 +985
Haste +723 +784


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