Three Elvenstones


Robina (Greenguard Ranger): How was the Mystic?
Hero: Dead.
Hero: Here's his book.
Robina (Greenguard Ranger):
Robina (Greenguard Ranger): Wow.
Robina (Greenguard Ranger): At least he died the way he would have wanted…
Robina (Greenguard Ranger): …Alone in the dark,surrounded by monsters.
Robina (Greenguard Ranger): It's a shame that he's gone but I hear a boy in Heartwood is being trained take his place.
Hero: What does the book say?
Robina (Greenguard Ranger): This tome was written by the ancient elves….
Robina (Greenguard Ranger): The Mystic was translating it. His handwriting is terrible.
Robina (Greenguard Ranger): It describes a magic crystal… The power source of our forest's enchantment.
Robina (Greenguard Ranger): The problem must be with that crystal! But, we have to open a portal to get to it.
Hero: A portal to where? …And how do we open it?
Robina (Greenguard Ranger): The elves hid three Elvenstones in this forest that when combined will open it.
Robina (Greenguard Ranger): The first Elvenstone is the Stone in the Sword in the Stone.
Robina (Greenguard Ranger): Pulling a stone from a sword that's stuck in a stone? What could go wrong?

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