Thyton's Contact


Thyton (Shadow Specialist): Well, now that they're taken care of… Let's get back to business.
Thyton (Shadow Specialist):
«Scene: Thyton looks behind him, followed by <Hero> looking behind them alongside Thyton.»
Thyton (Shadow Specialist): *Shifts his eyes around as if expecting more Ornithons to appear*
Thyton (Shadow Specialist): Well I thought for sure would interrupt me there but I guess they've learned their lesson.
Hero: Thyton I don't think there's anymor-
Thyton (Shadow Specialist): HAVEN'T THEY!?
Thyton (Shadow Specialist): Okay, we're clear <Hero>. Just had to make sure is all!
Hero: Riiiiight…
Thyton (Shadow Specialist): So! As I was saying… I've received a letter from one of my contacts. A mage from Arcangrove.
Thyton (Shadow Specialist): Like me, they've been investigating the source of the Bane corruption. I'd like you to meet them in my place.
Thyton (Shadow Specialist): Once I teach you the super-secret magic words you'll find them in Yulgar's Inn. Repeat these words to them and they'll know I sent you.
Hero: Magic words? Like a spell?
Thyton (Shadow Specialist): No! Like a… Password! Now listen carefully… The magic words are…
Thyton (Shadow Specialist): "HECTOR-ECHO-LIMA-LIMA-OSCAR"!
Hero: Isn't that just HELLO?
Thyton (Shadow Specialist): Yes but WAY cooler and way more secretive.

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