«We sincerely hope you enjoyed the dark tragedy of this story thus far…»
«But it has only begun.»
«The portal to the Oversoul has been opened!»
«Victor Lionfang wield The Oblivion Blade… And has risen his Paladin allies as fiends!»
«Within, an ancient evil known as Nulgath awaits to be freed.»
«Nulgath: Part III is coming…»
«Prepare to enter the Oversoul!»
«You will not be going in there alone.»
«You will be joined by Dage…. Lord of the Undead Legion!»
«But first…»
«Be warned… Oversoul has not meet a hero it could not seduce and consume. (Like praying mantis.)»
«The team is building the release as you read this.»
«Until then….»
«We will be releasing more side quests and improvements in the Wastelands and Catacombs.»
«Samurai class is coming!»
«The Artix Entertainment 20th anniversary event is coming!»
«…And we are going to try out our newly created dev tools by building some "anything goes" small fun test adventures for you.»
New Side Quest Unlocked!: Oh…. You just unlocked a new side quest here in the Wastelands!
New Side Quest Unlocked!: Find and talk to Skew to begin…. Battleon On!

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