Tomb Guardian (Cutscene)


Hero: Hey, you're one of those Tomb Guardian guys!
Hero: This place is a total mystery. I don't suppose you could help me out?
Tomb Guardian: Go. I cannot help you.
Tomb Guardian: These are the trials of Donovan the Bold. He is the one who must prove himself.
Hero: But… How? What does he have to do?
Tomb Guardian: He must show the Blade that his desire for it is stronger than even his greatest fear.
Tomb Guardian: Your friend Avelaine feared facing her past, and could not progress until she had done so.
Tomb Guardian: Likewise, Donovan must face his own personal horror.
Hero: Bugs. You're talking about the bugs, aren't you?
Tomb Guardian: So it would appear.
Tomb Guardian: Once he has vanquished his fear, the path forward will open.

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