Hero: You there. Are you three guarding these tombs?
NightLocke Cultist:
Hero: Have you taken a vow of silence?
NightLocke Cultist (Dark Servant): We serve our master. On the day he returns we will sing his praises. Until that day… we wait.
Hero: Your master?
NightLocke Cultist: Lord Nightlocke. Inside this crypt rests one of this three legendary weapons.
Hero: You're protecting them from thieves?
NightLocke Cultist (Dark Servant): Lord Nightlocke's weapons need no protection.
Hero: So… if I go in there, you won't stop me?
NightLocke Cultist (Dark Servant): We will not.
Hero: Won't Lord Nightlocke be mad when he gets back and finds his weapons gone?
NightLocke Cultist (Dark Servant): Lord Nightlocke may only return after his weapons have been recovered and reunited.
Hero: Ah. And you need a hero to brave the dangers of the tombs and fetch them for you. Is that right?
NightLocke Cultist (Dark Servant): …Something like that, yes.
Hero: Say no more!

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