Toru Sakamoto Conforting Yuki Jin


Toru Sakamoto (Shadow of the Wind): This deal with that Pirate Rhubarb… Have you lost your senses, Yuki Jin?!
Yuki Jin (Ninja): I vowed to protect our people for the Pirates…
Yuki Jin (Ninja): Be it through battle or diplomacy. If it saves lives, what does it matter?
Hero: Ooooh, um, should I come back later so you two can finish?
Toru Sakamoto (Shadow of the Wind): This is your doing, isn't it?!
Toru Sakamoto (Shadow of the Wind): You've tricked Yuki Jin into believing this… this… DELUSION!
Yuki Jin (Ninja): That's enough, Toru. You've said your piece. Now, let me and <Hero> continue on with our business.
Toru Sakamoto (Shadow of the Wind): <Hero>, if I find out you're deceiving us, that you're in cahoots with the Pirates, then I'll…
Yuki Jin (Ninja): Goodbye, Toru.
Toru Sakamoto (Shadow of the Wind): Hmmph.
Hero: Well, he seems to be in a good mood.
Yuki Jin (Ninja): Him and many others in the village, I'm afraid.
Yuki Jin (Ninja): There aren't many who are thrilled by our plan to reunite the Trident… with the help of a Pirate.
Hero: Word's gotten out already?
Yuki Jin (Ninja): It's hard to play coy after a dragon rises from the sea. People tent to notice such things.
Yuki Jin (Ninja): Needless to say, Toru is not keen about trusting a Pirate as notorious as Rhubarb.
Hero: Yeah… that's the impression I got from him.
Yuki Jin (Ninja): It will take more than the Trident to undo the years of hate between the Ninja and the Pirates…
Yuki Jin (Ninja): But if we succeed, then it may lead us on the path of preventing further bloodshed.
Yuki Jin (Ninja): And in time, perhaps there will be peace.
Hero: Then what are we waiting for? Let's go to Atlantis!
Yuki Jin (Ninja): Soon. The Blade of the Deep needs to be altered to survive the pressure of diving to such depths.
Yuki Jin (Ninja): Unless you want to be crushed to death as we make our descent?
Hero: I'd rather not test the limits of my immortality by being constantly crushed to death.
Yuki Jin (Ninja): Glad you feel that way because we'll also need something to protect us when we travel the ocean floor on foot.
Yuki Jin (Ninja): Pi Mae makes a special brew that'll allow us to breathe underwater and withstand the immense hydrostatic pressure down there.
Yuki Jin (Ninja): Speak to Pi Mae to acquire his deepwater breathing brew.

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