Trader Josephine

Excuse me. Would you be willing to part with any extra Bastion Bucks or monster parts?

- Dealing with Snooping Guards
- Bastion Bucks for Rebel Rubies

Monster Parts for Rebel Rubies
You can never have too many materials… even the ickier variety. If you happen to have some extra, I'd be happy to take them off your hands for some Rebel Rubies.
- Desert Cacti Parts
- Desert Scorpion Parts
- Desert Snake Parts
- Sand Shark Parts
- Sandsea Scarab Parts
- Sandsea Sand Worm Parts Parts

- Vault Treasure for Rebel Rubies

Vials of Slimy Residue?
Ooo… yeah… I don't have any interest in trading for that icky stuff. But I know that Bobby B., the potion vendor in Bastion, is offering Bastion Bucks for them now. Just don't tell him that the rebels sent you over. He doesn't have the highest opinion of us…

Location: Rebel Camp

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