Training Dummies Repaired


Hero: All done, Master Kojiro.
Hero: Those Kappa Shells should keep them in good shape for a while.
Kojiro Kanno (Ninja Trainer): Thank you, <Hero>. You have a visitor.
Toru Sakamoto (Kaze-Kage): Have you had time to sample some of Pi Mae's food and rest, Hero?
Hero: Actually, I've been so busy running around delive….
Kojiro Kanno (Ninja Trainer): AHEM
Hero: Uh… I mean…
Hero: Pi Mae has been kind enough to show around town while I… relaxed.
Toru Sakamoto (Kaze-Kage): Good. Good. It is time that you began your real work here.
Toru Sakamoto (Kaze-Kage): The letter from the Empress said that you were sent in response to the Pirate's gaining control of the first piece of the Sea God's Trident.
Hero: I've had experience with Lolosian Pirates before.
Toru Sakamoto (Kaze-Kage): Excellent. Then you will assist Yuki Jin with her efforts.
Toru Sakamoto (Kaze-Kage): You will find her on the dock, absorbed in her work.
Toru Sakamoto (Kaze-Kage): Provide the young Jonin with whatever help she might require, <Hero>.

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