Trapped Hostess


Beleen (Pretty Pinkomancer): <Hero>! Thank goodness you're here!
Hero: Beleen, is that you?
Beleen (Pretty Pinkomancer): Yeah! This is a real damsel in-dis-dress moment.
Hero: It really is a nice dress.
Hero: What should I do?
Beleen (Pretty Pinkomancer): Get me out of this thing!
Hero: The dress?
Beleen (Pretty Pinkomancer): No, the jail, silly!
Hero: How do I do that?
Beleen (Pretty Pinkomancer): Hmm… well, it's a video game, right?
Beleen (Pretty Pinkomancer): So I guess you've gotta whack things with whatever you are holding until you push the story forward!
Hero: Alright… I'm going back in the ring.

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