Travel Crystal

Before completing the 'Go to Guardian Tower' quest:
This Teleportation Crystal hums with energy. You can feel it from where you stand. Complete the quests in Battleon to activate it.

After completing the 'Go to Guardian Tower' quest:
*The Battleon Travel Crystal hums with power*

- Travel Crystal's Quests

After completing the 'Return to Twilly' quest:
Where would you like to go today?

New Events
Check out the latest and greatest! You might need to level up a little.
- Ashfall Saga Pt 1
- Ashfall Saga Pt 2

Town of Battleon
Battleon is the safe haven for heroes like you.
- Yulgars Inn
- Class Trainers
- Cysero's Weapon Shop
- Battleon Guardian Tower

The lush green forests and countryside of Greenguard helps protect Battleon from the scourge of outside dangers.
- Greenguard Forest
- The Heartwood
- Livingstone Caverns
- Barrow Point
- Livingstone Alcove

Spooky forest and grim undead await in this haunted wasteland.
- Doomwood Forest
- Bonecliffs
- Shatterskull Bridge
- Doomwood Skulltower

Once a home to peaceful humans and dwarves, this volcanic area is now teeming with dragons and their minions.
- Dragonslayer Camp
- The Slabs
- Brimston Ruins
- Magma Mines
- Tower Pass
- Galanoth's Tent
- Lower Fire Fields
- Upper Fire Fields

Location: Battleon

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