Travel Crystal

of Battleon

Before completing the 'Go to Guardian Tower' quest:

This Teleportation Crystal hums with energy. You can feel it from where you stand. Complete the quests in Battleon to activate it.

New Events
Check out the latest and greatest! You might need to level up a little.
- Dage's Birthday
- Ashfall Saga Pt 3

Town of Battleon
Battleon is the safe haven for heroes like you.
- Yulgars Inn
- Class Trainers
- Cysero's Weapon Shop
- Bank
- Battleon Guardian Tower

The lush green forests and countryside of Greenguard helps protect Battleon from the scourge of outside dangers.
- Greenguard Forest
- The Heartwood
- Livingstone Caverns
- Barrow Point
- Livingstone Alcove

Spooky forest and grim undead await in this haunted wasteland.
- Doomwood Forest
- Bonecliffs
- Shatterskull Bridge
- Doomwood Skulltower

Once a home to peaceful humans and dwarves, this volcanic area is now teeming with dragons and their minions.
- Dragonslayer Camp
- Galanoth's Tent
- Lower Fire Fields
- Upper Fire Fields
- The Slabs
- Brimston Ruins
- Magma Mines
- Tower Pass
- Volcano Camp

As a land of eternal night, it's the perfect battleground in the unending war between vampires and werewolves.
- Darkhurst Town

The place for all things that have died. If you are lucky you can join the Undead Legion and fight for the Lord of the Underworld Dage the Evil.
- Underworld Gate

Location: Battleon

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