Travel Crystal (2)

Artix Entertainment's 20th Anniversary is fraught with peril and full of adventure. Where shall I take thee?

Special Event?
This is the Artix Entertainment's 20th Anniversary Event and you are the guest of honor!

To celebrate, all of our friends are gathering here for adventures hosted by our celebrity guest. Also, new and returning guest have come to be a part of the chaos and mayhem. New releases will be added her as the celebration continues.

But beware… these adventures are "anything goes."

Death of Games Boss Fights
Death of Games awaits. Choose your doom…
- Party Fight (5 Player)
- Extreme Fight - Arcade Challenge

20th Anniversary Trove *Start Unlocking Now!* legacysmall.png
Unlock items all across the 20th Anniversary Event! You will be able to access them any time in the future from Hootenheim in the Battleon Bank.

Let's get collecting!
- 20th Scarbucks Trove
- 20th AFK Game Trove
- 20th Derpicorn Trove
- 20th 8-bit Trove
- 20th Ring of Doom Trove
- 20th Death of Games Trove
- Your 20th Anniversary Trove legacysmall.png
- *NEW* 2022 Mogloween Collection seasonalsmall.png
- Teleport to 20th Anniversary Lobby
- Voltaire's New Song "Kill the Beast"
- Teleport to home Town of Battleon

Replay Cutscenes
You can replay all of the cut-scenes for each adventure here once you have completed it.

Replay all of the cutscenes from Zom-BAE: The Zombie Dating Sim.
- Beleen Intro
- #1 Meet Voltaire
- #2 Meet Evette
- #3 The Perfect Solution
- #4 Meet Jonathan
- #5 True Love and a Song
- Beleen Outro

AFK: The Game
Replay all of the cutscenes from AFK: The Game
- Beleen Intro
- #1 Meet George Lowe
- #2 You Did It!
- Beleen Outro

Derpicorn Apocolypse in Space
Replay all of the cutscenes from Derpicorn Apocolypse in Space
- Beleen Intro
- #1 Meet KIMBr:L3
- #2 Meet Brutalcorn
- #3 KIMBr:L3 Finds An Egg!
- #4 A Portal Home
- Beleen Outro

RetroQuest Worlds
Replay all of the cutscenes from RetroQuest Worlds
- Beleen Intro
- #1 Meet Twilly
- #2 Meet Robina
- #3 The Bad Ending
- #4 DoomKnight Artix
- #5 DoomKnight Artix's Defeat?
- #6 A Mysterious End
- Beleen Outro

Ring of Doom
Replay all of the cutscenes from Ring of Doom
- The Kidnapping
- #1 Cheer & Jeer
- #2 Chairman Platinum
- #3 Trapped Hostess
- #4 The Interview
- #5 Chairman's Deal
- #6 Chairman Books It
- Beleen's Outro

The Death of Games
Replay all of the cutscenes from The Death of Games
- Beleen Intro
- #1 The Death of Games
- #2 Bean Twilly
- #3 Got the Files
- #4 Confronting the Death of Games
- Belee Outro

Mogloween Events seasonalsmall.png
Check out all the spooky, scary and groovy areas for Mogloween!
- Mystcroft Town
- Mystcroft Manor
- Dr. Trollenstein's Laboratory
- The Raveyard
- Masquerade of the Macabre

Other Special Guest Events
Play through our past adventures with special guests Aurelio Voltaire, MoistCr1TiKaL, and D-Piddy!
- Return to Skull Punch Isle
- The Moistverse w/ MoistCr1TiKaL
- DreadFool w/ D-Piddy


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